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We are Digital Nomads who have experience in a wide range of techniques and systems, based on Open Source. We provide solutions for big and small projects.

With us, you will find an experienced partner that help you choose the right solution, both in terms of quality and price. And whether you're small or big, you get a modern and robust solution, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, search engine friendly and lightning fast

What We Do

Advanced Web Development

We develop advanced web applications based on modern and robust frameworks.


We deliver solutions based on Wordpress, CMS Made Simple and several other systems.


Integrations and the use of API's is important to connect different systems and applications with each other.

SEO, design and UX

Search Engine Optimized, Responsive, User Friendly and Working on All Platforms is a sure thing.

Web Consultant

We help you to find the Best Solution. Our special interest lies in Web Security, which is exceptionally important these days.


We can upgrade your old layout, your system (CMS) and your site speed.



Design, utvikling og integrering

Finansavisen bilde

MyPage for Hegnar Media AS

Subscription System: Development and Integrations

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Calpro AS

Design and Wordpress Development

Calpro AS bilde

Booking System

Design and programming

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Bolig og Næringstakst AS

Wordpress Development

Bolig og Næringstakst AS bilde


Design, Web Development and Integrations

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